Ernest Hemingway: how his life impacted 2 of his works.

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This research paper is designed to show how Ernest Hemingway's life had an impact on the content that he wrote. In the beginning is biographical information about Ernest Hemingway, followed by analyses of two of his major works. Finally, opinions and criticism of different authors with explanations will be followed by a conclusion of the entire paper. The criticisms will only be relevant to the two works mentioned in this paper. A reference page completes this paper. All citations will be listed and expanded in the reference page.


Anything that occurs in the past has a direct or indirect impact on a person. These experiences in turn affect future actions. This inescapable fact is demonstrated by Ernest Hemingway's life and its effect on his literary works, more specifically, A Farewell to Arms and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Three major experiences--World War I, journalism, and love--seem to have a profound influence on the content of these two books.

It is unlikely that he would have been able to produce such poetic stories had he not suffered the hardships that he did.

Biographical Information

Born on July 21, 1899 in suburban Oak Park, IL to Dr. Clarence and Grace Hemingway, Ernest was the second of six children to be raise in the quiet suburban town by his physician father and devout, musical mother. Indeed, Hemingway's childhood pursuits fostered the interests which would blossom into literary material. Although Grace hoped her son would be influenced by her musical interests, young Hemingway preferred accompanying his father on hunting and fishing trips; this love of outdoor adventure would later be reflected in many of Hemingway's stories, particularly those featuring protagonist Nick Adams. Hemingway's aptitude for physical challenge remained with him through high school, where he both played football and boxed. (Griffon, 1987)...