An Episode of the Reign of Terror A.K.A. D-Day

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An Episode of the Reign of Terror A.K.A. D-Day

Private Ryan M. Johnson gazed at the beach they were speeding towards. Ryan knew today wasn't going to be a day he would ever forget any time soon. He saw that the beach was covered with the dark red stomach-churning color of blood. Smoke, sand, and, ammunition stormed the atmosphere like enormous flocks of birds flying south for winter. Boom! Massive landing crafts exploded as they were hit by numerous bomb shells! Just then the huge a mass of helmets on the landing craft lurched backwards as the craft speed up avoiding enemy fire. The sea spray glistened on the surface of everything it touched, catching the light of the artillery fire.

Ryan glanced at the faces of the men around him. Some were praying, while others held pictures or mementos of sweethearts and family before carefully tucking them away inside of their jackets.

The rest stared into the unknown, their faces expressionless, betraying no inner feelings. He thought about his wonderful family and gorgeous house back on Maple Street in Cleveland, Ohio. His best friend Gary Smith and he enlisted in the Marines at the same time.

"Stop day-dreaming and kill some Nazi solders! And that goes for the rest of you sorry losers as well!" roared general Large.

Ryan managed a smile in return for the hearty slap on his shoulder and twisted around to recognize Gary.

"Hey buddy we'll finally going to kill Nazi solders after that horrible basic training!" exclaimed Gary.

"Remember, the rules are the same just like it was in the old neighborhood. Stick with me. We'll both do just fine." told Ryan.

Suddenly, both men were distracted by an explosion which sent more spray into the craft. The roar of airplanes filled the sky.