Ephesians 9

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This paper was written for a "History Of The Old Testamnet" class and deals with Ephesians Versus 1 through 33. The first part of the paper are observations/interpretations of the versus, the second part deals with one sentence summarys of verse blocks. Finally there answers to questions dealing with understanding and interpritation of the text.

Ephesians 9


1. I like that in the first verse it relates walking with God to dear children: children, the purest of heart until they learn of the evil of the world and can't help but be tempted by it.

2. Verse 2 uses the line "sweetsmelling savour," which made me chuckle because it is so true that when one is in love, (or at least thinks/feels they are), everything seems different. The air is sweeter, the wind warmer, etc; just as the love of Christ makes life itself sweeter.

3. Though not a direct observation about the chapter we are studying I find it interesting that though the Bible tackles all aspects of life from love, and faith, to adultery and prostitution churches for the most part stray from these lesser subjects.

I realize that in today's society speaking of these things publicly in a church would probably be considered taboo, but if the Bible addresses them I see no reason why the Church can't. We are there to learn and why not teach everything instead of what is just pleasing to hear.

4. Verse 6 states that "for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience;" again as in Acts a lesson is presented and taught using an irreplaceable aspect of life as punishment if the word of God is not followed. In Acts Saul loses his sight for his ignorance just as the wrath of...