Environmental values

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I will attempt to differentiate between ecofeminism, pluralism and environmental pragmatism in this writing. Additionally, I will try to delve into which approach best compliments my values and ethical beliefs on environmental concerns. Environmental values consist of ideas and thoughts which encompasses natural science and political affairs. This paper will work towards closing the loop and bring it altogether. The most important principles will be discussed. The principles are ecofeminism, pluralism and environmental issues.

Environmental ValuesEcofeminismAccording to the encyclopedia Britannica 2003 "Ecofeminists assert that there is a connection between the destruction of nature by humans and the oppression of women by men that arises from political theories and social practices in which women and nature are treated as objects to be owned or controlled". Britannica suggest that oppression, hierarchy, and spiritual relationships with nature also have been central concerns of ecofeminism. Ecofeminists aim to establish a central role for women in the pursuit of an environmentally sound and socially just society.

They have been divided, however, over how to conceive of the relationship between nature and women, which they hold is more intimate and more "spiritual" than the relationship between nature and men. Whereas cultural ecofeminists argue that the relationship is inherent in women's reproductive and nurturing roles, social ecofeminists, while acknowledging the relationship's immediacy, claim that it arises from social and cultural hierarchies that confine women primarily to the private sphere (Britannica, 2003).

The term ecofeminism according to Wikipeidia was coined in 1974 by Francoise d'Eaubonne. He considers ecofeminism a philosophy and movement born from the union of feminist and ecological thinking, and the belief that the social mentality that leads to the domination and oppression of women is directly connected to the social mentality that leads to the abuse of the environment. It combines eco-anarchism or bioregional...