Emmitt Smith.

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Emmitt Smith is one of the best running backs in the NFL. He has earned three Super Bowl Titles, four rushing titles, and a league and Super Bowl MVP award. Emmitt has been selected to play in nine Pro Bowl games, which is more than any other offensive player in club history and Barry Sanders is the only running back among the NFL that has been selected in more. Amazingly enough Emmitt Smith is still playing football and will keep playing another couple years.

Emmitt Smith grew up and went to school in Escambia, Florida. Parade Magazine and USA Today predicted Emmitt to be a prep Player of the Year and All-America running back as a senior at Escambia, FL, High School. He put up the third highest career scoring and rushing totals in the history of national high school with 8,804 yards and 106 touchdowns. He also ran for over 100 yards 45 times, averaged 7.8

yards per carry, and only fumbled the football 6 times. Emmitt has two sisters Marsha and Connie and Erik, Emory, and Emil as his three brothers. Emory as a fullback was a member of the Cowboys practice squad in 1997. Emmitt graduated at the University of Florida with his degree in Public Recreation. Emmitt was smart enough to know that school was a very important thing, "Even the first two days after I got injured, I was still telling myself my knee was fine. Then, one night in my dorm room, I tried running down the hall and my knee gave out. The pain was profound, but not as profound as the message it sent. My parents and Coach Thomas had always told me: "Football could end any moment. But your education will last your entire life."... But that night when I...