Egg donation-playing with god.

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When I first heard of egg donation I thought to myself, "what a good idea." It is a process where your eggs are removed, harvested and fertilized with sperm and lastly, implanted into the intended mother. This procedure gives mothers that are not able to have children a chance to capture their dream. There is even a great sum of money given to the woman who donates her eggs. This is a great idea for both women, especially college students in need of money and couples that have been trying to start a family for years. I figured that eggs were donated by an anonymous woman and then stored in a freezer or tank until used by a woman in need. I assumed name, address, and personal traits were keep concealed from the woman receiving the eggs, but as I began to research my thoughts began to change. I wondered if egg donation was playing with God and if the processes used are effective.

There are four main phases to the average process of egg donation. In the first phase you complete an application on the internet or over the phone which consist of your name, address and phone number. Once you have completed this easy application, another application will be sent to you. This application will be a lot more personal. When you return your completed personal application, you must enclose a picture. I thought to myself, "What does a picture have to do with egg donation?" My question was answered by the website of Egg Donation, Inc., a respected egg donation program, "these photos are [what] the recipients base selections on" ("Steps"). This statement shocked me when I read it. How could creating a child be so superficial? The second phase is the selection process.