Effects of an alcoholic and what they will do to you family... Real life example !!

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Ever since I can remember, my father drank alcohol. My father would come home late loud, obnoxious and unstable. All the symptoms of being a drunk. My father had a drinking problem, he had a disease know as alcoholism. He thought there was nothing in this entire world that was wrong with him . He believed that he wasn't different but that it was everyone around him that was different. My father honestly did not think he had a problem. To him he just liked having "fun" every now and then. What he didn't realize was that his type of "fun" wasn't just every now and then it was happening every night.

My mother and father would fight and argue all the time, almost every night that my mother waited up for him to get home. It was a never ending battle between them two that my father would always win because my mom would get so frustrate she would start crying and have to leave the room.

Most kids look forward to the watching television and being able to hear what's playing on MTV, when they got home from School. I couldn't hear the television at my house over all the shouting. My father would go out with his friends all night long, come home extremely late and just start arguing with my mother over nothing. I remember one time specifically when they

argued over the size of the refrigerator. I know my mother loved my father cause she put up with his outburst for such a long time. Always just letting things blow over til the next morning. It wasn't until one particular night when my mother knew that it was time for her to take actions and actually do something about my father's situation. She was...