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Lone Teachers Beware!

The classroom is no longer a place for one instructor and thirty students; there are new models of teaching on the rise. Schools are making use of these new models known as team teaching and co-teaching. The purpose of this paper is to define co-teaching and team teaching, give a brief explanation of what each one is about, and explain a few of the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Team teaching is defined as two or more teachers working together to plan, conduct and evaluate the learning activities for the same group of students. There are six defined models of team teaching (Lawton).

*When a group of teachers actively share the instruction of all students it is referred to as Traditional Team Teaching.

*Collaborative Teaching is when teachers work together designing the course and teach the material by discussing their ideas and theories in front of the students.

*When one teacher is in charge of teaching the content and the other is responsible for follow-up activities and study skills it is said to be a Complimentary/Supportive Team.

*In the Parallel Instruction setting the class is divided into two groups and each instructor teaches the same material.

*Differentiated Split Class involves dividing the class into small groups based on their learning needs.

*The last model in the Monitoring Teacher, this is when one instructor teaches the entire class while the other monitors the students understanding of the instruction and watches their behavior.

At the elementary school level team teaching usually involves two or three teachers who devote a block of time each week to divide up their classrooms and teach various subjects. Team teaching is a great way to get children to mingle with students other than the ones in their own class. In team teaching...