Editorial on Over Population In the U.S.

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A Brief History of Children

- As long as there have been adults, there have been children. In fact, the first child must have come before the first adult.

- In conclusion, the history of children is essentially the same as the history of everyone else, except maybe 20 years longer.

The Burden of Child-rearing

- Let's be frank, raising children is far from easy. If it wasn't, every kid would have straight As, would never be engaged in illegal activity or pursue a life that was less than their potential would mandate.

- Bad parenting comes in many forms: abusive behavior, laziness, failure to enforce the rules, spoiling. All of it can add up to a dysfunctional child who, by the time it has reached adulthood, will have these dysfunctional patterns ingrained into its head.

- As a result of bad parenting, and the implications of the old adage "you can't teach an old dog new tricks," dysfunction can be passed on as easily and as reliably as genetic traits such as eye color or vulnerability to cancer.

- Though it may seem unnatural, it might be in the best interests of the human population in general to try and control just who can and cannot raise children.

The Proposal

The concept of government sanctioned and applied birth control is not a new one. In China, couples are required to limit the number of children they have or face punishment. This, however, is simply to keep population to a minimum in an ever-expanding country, a practice which provides some benefit to the community in the reduction of taxation of food and material resources. The type of control I would like to implement has a far broader scope than simple resource-preservation. It would cut down on abusive, violent, and unstable...