Easy as you'd like: The evil of television.

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The modern entertainment industry has taken leaps in terms of technology and improvement. Placed comfortably on a sofa set, scrolling the television stations is the most loved pastime in this country. It is the ease and not always the quality of entertainment that keeps viewers glued to the television sets. It is easier to watch the morning news broadcasted on some news-channel rather than reading a newspaper and digging in the whole story. Hence it becomes easier to believe what the television preaches. Such an authority must be questioned because it inevitably becomes a very powerful tool to control and curb the ‘Freedom of thought’ of the masses. If not given the whole picture of the situations the viewers are bound to be mislead. An Arabic television Channel by the name of ‘Al-Jazzera’ is banned in many countries in the world because it is believed to promote hate and terror.

It is a television channel which asserts the propaganda of a certain political thought. How can we be so sure that some of the news Channels in our country are not doing the same? If not with similar audacity, they might be shaping up people’s opinion gradually, in accordance to a specific political agenda. "Al-jazzera 'No More Biased than Other TV Channels"(1) wrote David Usborne who is a writer August 8, 2004. Even the least skeptical of people would agree that if not already put into such misuse television is a great tool for such manipulation.

Though, let us not overlook the virtues of a television set at home. It is such a pleasure to sit around and watch reality shows rather than actually participating in a complex situation in life. It is very convenient to watch a soap play than to read Shakespeare. Why take a stroll in the...