The Early Life of Vladimir Lenin

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The Road to Greatness

He was born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, but the world knows him by just one name- Lenin. Founder of the Bolsheviks, the Russian Communist party, the builder and leader of the Soviet state, Lenin was one of the most significant leaders of the twentieth century. His early life contributed greatly to accomplishments and the events in his life that changed him from a quiet learned young man into a revolutionary genius are often overlooked. The smallest details in his life changed his outlook in life and made him question his government and people. Young Lenin was born in a place that was on the verge of change, and he would be the one doing the changes. Lenin was not born a revolutionary but transformed into one by his surroundings and his experiences.

Lenin was an outstanding student and "he seemed far more destined for a university classroom than for a life of exile, turmoil, and revolution" (Naden, 12).

His father was a Russian official in public education who worked for progressive democracy and free universal education in Russia. He has a sheltered life and he and his family abided by the laws of the czar. They believed in the czar's authority and never questioned the Romanov way. Lenin was an extremely bright young boy and loved to all scholarly pursuits. He had a somewhat superior attitude towards his peers, and perhaps for this reason he had no real friends. Lenin's first tragedy in life was the death of his father. Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov had died of a brain hemorrhaging at the age of fifty five, when Lenin was fifteen. The death of his father changed Lenin greatly. He was "no longer the gentle boy he was before but a harder more demanding person, with a different...