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Write a 1000 to 1400 word paper that describes the legal, ethical and regulatory issues that the Web sites must address. Describe how each site handles security, confidentiality and International issues.E-Commerce SecurityThe popularity of the internet and growth of e-commerce has transformed the way that companies conduct business. E-commerce has made it possible for companies around the world to participate in the global marketplace using the internet. Although the internet has made it easy for companies around the world to expand into new markets, many risks await individuals who participate in e-commerce. According to McAfee Inc., an internet security company, new threats are constantly arising on the internet that make consumers vulnerable to becoming victims of cyber crime (CNN, 2008).

Aside from security issues companies and consumers need to consider legal, ethical and regulatory issues when participating in global e-commerce. This paper will look at how three internet companies are dealing with these issues and how they handle confidential data collected about consumers while conducting business to consumer transactions over the internet.

BordersBorders is concerned with the security of personal information, but openly states that perfect security is nonexistent for web based transactions. The fact is that numerous risks exist in e-commerce. Customer's personal information is stored in a database controlled by Borders or its service provider. While Borders security measures are consistent with industry standards, which include firewalls and encryption technology the company does not guarantee the security of its databases. Unfortunately, there are no perfect security solutions available for online transactions. A final item under security is the confidentiality of passwords. Borders states very clearly the customer is solely responsible for this as well as for all activities conducted under the customer's account. By stating these items, Borders can limit its liability in the event that...