Essay by Jennyapple May 2008

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The impact of electronic commerce on the economy extends far beyond the dollar value of e-commerce activity. Business are using e-commerce to establish and extend competitive advantage by providing more useful information, expanding choice, developing new services, streamlining purchasing processes and lowering costs.

Many organizations have been involved in electronic commerce (for example trading electronically through proprietary systems like Electronic Data Interchange, EDI) for many years, and have had ample opportunities to assess the benefits of the implementation of information and communication technologies in their business processes. Supply Chain Management has emerged as a key lever in creating value for today's companies as they seek to lower costs, increase asset productivity and improve customer relationships. Supply chains exist in both service and manufacturing organizations. The research was undertaken for evaluation and adoption an e-business strategy for our manufacturing company that trades electronically with suppliers. The research is carried out by analyzing and comparing two case studies which represent true business to business applications.

The initial research model was based on General Motors, as a truly representative U.S.-based automobile manufacturer, has several characteristics that make it a good example of how e-procurement is reshaping U.S. manufacturing. Another case study indicates the challenges faced by ChangAn Auto Co. Ltd., and how the company addressed these challenges in its respective business segments. We analyze how e-business systems can support and enhance a company's core business processes. The paper concludes with a brief recommendation of the planned implementation of an e-business system for our company.

IntroductionBusiness to Business (B2B) electronic commerce (e-commerce) is relevant to many different industries leveling the playing field between businesses. Traditional boundaries that separate industries are beginning to blur and new opportunities arising. For example, by utilizing the appropriate electronic commerce principles and web-based technology, telecommunications companies offer financial services...