Are Drugs The Answer?

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Are Drugs The Answer?

Drugs. Are they the answer to all of your problems, or are they the root of your problems? Let's take a further look into it. Illegal drugs have been around for a very long time, but no one really understands why people use them? Is it just because they like to get high? Possibly, but why do they like to get high? It feels good, and makes you act and see things differently then you normally would. It can also make you temporarily forget about the problems you are going through, and temporarily relieve you of your emotional pain. I believe that this is why a lot of people start using drugs, and continue to use drugs throughout their lives.

Some people have an addictive mind, so to speak. By this I mean that their mind tends to get very easily attached to something, and has an extremely hard time letting go of it.

This can be anything from another person, eating, drugs, or even to simply playing a sport. With drugs though, anyone who uses them with the wrong mindset has a very high chance of becoming addicted to them. Such as people who use drugs to forget about their emotional pain or problems. Most people who use drugs are using them to evade their problems, or try to replace something with getting high. Most of them don't even realize they are doing it. This is a large cause for alcoholism and drug addiction. It doesn't necessarily have to start like that though.

Sometimes people start using drugs solely because they want to see what it feels like to get high, or they might want to try to fit into a certain crowd of people. Eventually though, what happens to some people is they discover...