Drugs amongst youngsters

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We all know what word drug means. We have been listening about drugs since we were born and we all are aware of them. We also know what we have to do to prevent kids and younger children. However, it seems and also proved that this is not true and that we do not know enough and do not know how to deal with this. Statistics shows that drug use has really increased amongst youngsters. In 2001, 34.5 % twelve year old and older teenagers tried marihuana, but in 2002 this number increased to 37 %. In 2001, 1.2 % of teenagers of the same age group tried heroin, and this number also increased to 1.5 % in 2002. These numbers show that more and more youngsters are becoming addicted to drugs. (Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2003, pg. 136). It is funny that in so developed word that we live now, still nobody found a solution.

Solution that would works and decrease this emergency statistic. How? And what we can do about it? Here are some solutions and I am sure that something has to change if we would consider at least some of them.

When children start to observe the word, it is important what is happening around. Parents and teachers in kinder garden have to put more attention on drugs. Parents should not smoke. At least smoke in front of their children. I know that somebody thinks that this is impossible and stupid to suggest, but I am sure that every house or other buildings have some place that could be just for smoking. This is significant because what child sees in very early ages is the most important for growth and his thinking ability. Also in kinder garden teacher should start talk...