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Drought in Morocco

During the last decade, Morocco, like most the other African countries, have known the succession of many years of drought. "Drought is the consequence of a natural reduction in the amount of precipitation received over an extended period of time, usually a season or more in length, although other climatic factors (such as high temperatures, high winds, and low relative humidity) are often associated with it in many regions of the world and can significantly aggravate the severity of the event" (Wilhite 4). This phenomenon is dangerous and has bad effects in the long term. In deed, drought in Morocco has bad social and economic impacts.

In Morocco, the climatic factors provoke mainly drought. The fist factor, which is the decrease in the amount of rains, causes directly drought. The Statistics shows that the amount of rain in the last decade has decreased with a big rate.

Because most of the agriculture in Morocco depends on precipitation, farmers during dry years find a big difficulty to irrigate their lands. In addition, the success of dry years participates in the existence and development of drought. Morocco has experienced 6 years of drought in the last decade. As stated by the Panafrican News Agency "Morocco, which is experiencing insufficient and irregular rainfall, has been hit by a structural drought for several years now."(1) Moreover, the causes can include the problem of desertification in the south which affects a lot of agricultural mainland and the problem of hot wind "shargi" which comes from the grand Sahara in Africa.

Another factor that probably causes drought in Morocco is the waste of water. People don't care about water, they think that it is a just a product that they have the opportunity to waste it because they paid for it. This problem...