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To whom it may concern:

The dress code is one of the prime controversies in the school at the age. No matter what populace says, human being wearing clothes in an extraordinary way does not make it harder to contemplate. It is not disrupting. Sure, someone coming in with purple dreads may disrupt the class for a moment, but normally it will only last for a minute and then they will be on a different subject. A dress code is for people that work, not students that go to school.

I believe that we as students are old enough to decide what we wear. If we are black, white, tall, thin, round, or just right we have the right to wear whatever we want. This shouldn't be about discrimination, and making someone feel like they don't look good in what they wear. It's about admiration, in letting the kids wear what the want to feel good.

I can see if it were Elementary or Junior High, but High School?

It's not about what store the clothing comes from, because now days every store is trying to compete with each other and they are all marketing the same style of clothing leaving teenagers no choice than to choose what is on the racks. The fashion now days have grown a great deal for girls it's gone from baggy jeans to flared jeans, and baggy shirts to tight V-neck shirts. For guys it's gone from tight jeans to baggy jeans and tight shirts to t-shirts with logos like Polo or Abercrombie.

I do agree though that we shouldn't be able to wear Spaghetti strap tank tops and see through blouses but at the same time why would their parents allow them to walk out of the house like that. But we...