Doing Business in Afghanistan

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This paper consists of the company that I have selected and the country that I have selected to do business in. The company that I have selected is Sony the makers of electronic goods. The country that I have selected for this company to do business in is Afghanistan. This memo will provide an overview of the company along with the country that I have selected to do business with. It also provides my findings that will help out with the suggestion of why I chose this country.

Sony Corporation of America is located in New York City and is a subsidiary of its headquarters in Tokyo. According to the company’s overview on its web site Sony is the leading manufacturers of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony’s principal U.S. businesses include Sony Electronics INC., Sony Pictures Entertainment INC., Sony Computer Entertainment America INC.,

and 50% interest in Sony BMG Music Entertainment. I believe Afghanistan would be a good place for potential market for various reasons. According the MSN Encarta Encyclopedia Afghanistan is a country in southwestern Asia that is situated on a landlocked plateau between Iran, Pakistan, China, and several countries in Central Asia. ( types of political and legal systems that Afghanistan was not established until 2002. But the constitution that is governed in Afghanistan did not go into effect until 2004. There constitution provides them with a strong presidency. They also have a two-chamber legislature and an independent judiciary. They politics of Afghanistan have been dominated by the 2001 Invasion of Afghanistan by the NATO forces and the subsequent efforts to stabilize and democratize the country. Afghanistan’s national legislature is provided by the National Assembly.

With Afghanistan being under the legislation provided by the National Assembly the do...