how dogs were created and is called man's best friend as of a greek myth.

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Phylais was the god of athletics. He is a half duck and half human. He has a duck's head and has human legs. Phylais comes down and compete with mortals every year on October seventh. Many mortals compete against Phylais beaten him in any Olympic games. One year Phylais came down to compete and he faced a little gnome name Fogga. Although Fogga seemed small and weak he is actually stronger than he looks. Fogga challenged Phylais to a game of diskettes. Phylais of course accepted the challenge. Phylais threw it as far as he can, and he can throw far.

It was so far that nobody thought that Fogga could beat him. Fogga took a deep breathe and chucked it with all of his might. It flew for awhile and it landed barely pass Phylais's disk. The crowd went crazy. Phylais got so mad and embarrassed that he never went back down to compete again.

Since Phylais didn't go down to earth every year, he started to travel around the world. He visited each city on the way. One of the many cities he visited was Caputo. In the city of Caputo, Phylais met a young lady named Capella. He instantly fell in love with her. She thought he was a bit funny looking at first, but through time she started to fall for him. They finally got married. A year later they had a son name Runkis. Runkis was born all human except for his beak.

Runkis was always was always left out because of his beak and didn't have much friends. His only friend was a fuzzy little goblin name Eyetus. Eyetus is the god of pain and death. Runkis and Eyetus do everything together , they are practically best friends. On one of the many...