How do the composers of "I'Robot", "The Matrix", "Ozymandias" and "Journey of the Magi" explore the concept of change?

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Change can be for the better or for the worse depending on how it is viewed, how it promotes growth and defines and shapes who we are. The concept of change is explored in many ways through the chosen texts. The composers’ convey their own perception of change and its consequences through the use of different techniques. The texts used to explore these concepts are “Journey of the Magi” (T.S Elliot), “Ozymandias” (P. B Shelley, 1817), “The Matrix” (Wachowski Brothers, Warner Brothers, 1999) and “I, Robot” (Alex Proyas, 20th Century Fox, 2004).

The poem “Journey of the Magi” and the film “The Matrix” explore the concept that once changed we cannot return to our former state.¬ Change is irreversible and we must deal with the consequences of our decisions which have brought about change through the difficult journey of changing our perspectives.

To convey this concept of change in “Journey of the Magi” the composer uses the techniques of symbolism and contrast.

Death represents the end of the old ways and alien God, “I should be glad of another death”. This reflects the irreversible change that the Magi have experienced and how this death shows that they cannot return to their old ways and comforts as this change has brought about a new perspective. This concept of change is also shown through contrast. The comparison of “The summer palaces on slopes, the terraces” to the “cities hostile and the town unfriendly” displays the wise mens’ situation at the beginning of their journey to that of the hardships which result in forming a new perspective.

Knowing that once changed you cannot return makes choosing change all the more difficult choice. In “The Matrix” Neo is faced with the red and blue pill, he...