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Diversity can come in many different forms. Four different forms of diversity that I find interesting are age, socioeconomic status, geographical differences, and differences in skills and abilities. In this paper I am going to discuss how these forms of diversity impact individual behavior and what the effects can be.


Age can have a big affect on an individual's behavior. People are influenced by the events that occurred during their childhood and their young adult years. A person that went through "The Great Depression of 1892" will deal with monetary problems in ways that are different from a person that went through the "Wall Street Crash of 1987." We have employees at the White Pine Care Center that know of these events as something that happened in the past and feel that it will never happen again, especially to them. In the past a person knew that when they reached the age of retirement, they would receive social security benefits.

As the "Baby Boomers" begin to reach retirement age we can see that social security may become a thing of the past. This is affecting the way that people today think of and prepare for retirement.

Age can also affect how people deal with situations. An older person is more likely to have experience to fall back on whereas a younger person may not be able to handle a situation due to their inexperience. A younger person may be more able to adapt to change than an older person who would rather have continuity in their job. Age can work for you in both positive and negative ways.

Geographical differences, i.e. rural versus urban

The way people react to and deal with situations are different in a rural area versus and urban area. White Pine Care Center is...