Discuss Goldings pessimism that people are born evil shown through the lord of the flies.

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The Evil That Lies Within

Lord of the Flies is a book with far more low points than high, this is the choice of the author. In many novels, you can tell the style and feelings of the author just by reading it. Golding has a negative outlook on people and society showing through his writing. Thus, Golding's pessimistic view on the characters in the book illustrates his belief that evil is an inborn characteristic.

One way this is portrayed started in the beginning of the story, when they first got onto the island. Away from society, Jack had a sudden urge to hunt. But when he got the chance, he backed down. "I was going to," he said, "I was choosing a place...next time!!!"(31). This starts to display Golding's view that civilization declines to society. Not long after, Jack actually kills a pig, and this becomes his obsession in which he spends most of his time.

Eventually, Jack and his new tribe begin to kill with no remorse. After killing Piggy, Jack exclaimed, "See! that's what you'll get! I meant that! The conch is gone, I'm chief!"(181).

Ralph tried to keep the good people together minding their own business. But with Jack's tribes' evil, came greed. Jack wanted Piggy's glasses to make a fire, so he sabotaged Ralph's tribe at night. They ganged up on Ralph and the other boys. "Jack was chief now, in truth; and he made stabbing motions with his spear, from his left hand dangled Piggy's glasses"(167). Eventually, Jack starts to single out Ralph. He doesn't like Ralph because he believes in what's good and won't join his tribe. Jack's tribe then goes after Ralph, hunting him, because he didn't hate, wouldn't kill, and they just didn't like him. This is Golding's...