Discuss in details, what would be the economic, cultural and political implications of China's rise as an economic power for the rest of the world.

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Fifty years ago, China appeared to be a country that facing long era of disorder and decline (Mote 1986, 107). However, since year 1980, China economy has been growing constantly which create China as one of the most powerful country in the world (Lardy 2003). With the population of 1.33 billion under the type of communist government, China has been grown rapidly which reached 11.4% of GDP (CIA 2008). China is a large country with enormous potential in becoming rationalized. China's fast growth has leaded the country to become stronger economic power which would affect the rest of the world.

This report will discuss about the inferences of China for the globe as the rise in economic power in terms of few factors. Firstly, the economic factor which affect the world. Secondly, the cultural issues of China influence the globe. Finally, the China's political matters that implicate the world.

Economic FactorIn recent year, the unmistakable up coming of China's economy, as an impact on the world has attracted attention from all over.

The government has been encouraging the small business to expand and decrease the taxes on lower class which allowing the middle class to develop (Associated Press 2007).

China's Foreign PolicyWith the rapid growth in China's economy, in the past decade, there are more than twenty-five million new companies which involve big and small, local and international, have turn up in China (Blume 2002). For example, Amway Corporation from United State which stepped into China in year 1995 has earned big profit by relocating all its production line to China (Amway in China n.d.). As stated by Story (2004), China that grow speedily has be the reason of coming out of the foreign policy which likely to have global implications. The foreign policy will not probably caused instability in...