Differences in Policing Methods: Correction Variations from State to State

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The Criminal Justice system is one of the fastest and largest growing systems in the United States, and has the single largest corrections system in the world. It is even suggested that the United States has more people in our corrections system than some of the more influential world countries total population. Now, within this massive American corrections program, one state stands above all others. It is the only state where you can surf, snowboard, rock climb, camp in absurd locations, and sight your favorite celebrities-all while sipping on your Starbucks at every corner. A state where they kicked out their own Governor to vote one in who could not even pronounce its name right, but loved his cheesy one liners. This beautiful state with an enormous correction system is second only to China in number of people who are currently in it-the state of California. No other state in our union can compete, or even come close to its correctional numbers.

IntroductionIn this essay I will give a brief over view the country's correctional system; how many people are in it; what different types there are; what you do to get put in each stage; and then compare those numbers and data to California's correctional system and the rest of the forty-nine states. I will offer my suggestions on why I feel some systems are working and others are failing in addition to giving my own input on how we can make things better for the future of the entire correctional system here in America.

Before I begin comparing California with the other states, I will begin by explaining how the country is doing as a whole. Over the last twenty-five years, the Bureau of Justice Statistics has combined efforts with the National Probation Survey, National Prisoner Statistics, Survey...