How Did Hitler Conclude Towards The Final Solution?

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Anti-Semitism is the hatred and discrimination of Jews for usually one of two reasons. The first being religious as Christian Europeans blamed the Jews for crucifying Jesus. The other is economic and, to some extent territorial, as the Europeans resented the Jews who tended to be better educated and therefore held better jobs or ran successfulbusinesses. During the tyrannical rule of Adolf Hitler from 1933-1945 it has been estimated that six million out of eleven million Jews living in Europe had been exterminated. Many more asocial groups such as gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witnesses and mentally handicapped also faced the wrath of the Nazi Party. The Endleosung der Judenfrageor Final Solution to the Jewish question was the series of events that ultimately led to the mass murders of the Jews. This plan began in the book Mein Kampf written by Hitler in Landsberg Fortress and the words Judenfrage appear no less than eleven times (this was used in Goerings speech about the Nuremberg Laws.).

The Final Solution was a simple one, rather than trying to move all the Jews to different areas they were mercilessly slaughtered.

Jews were seen as the leeches of society and they were depicted in a conspiracy to take over all the lands as they had none of their own. The Nazis viewed them as such and encouraged the German people to do the same. The Nazis were firm believers in racial politics, they believed that the Aryan (German race) were superior to the sub-human race of Jews. And of course they treated them as such. The Nazis could also have had economic reasons for the attempted genocide as when the Jews were dead or in concentration camps they had no use for their possessions so the Nazis took them. Gold rings, gold teeth, glasses, clothes, hair...