Dictators Hussein and Tito

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Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia were two very imposing dictators who ruled their nations cruelly and powerfully. Their tactics worked in the short run to superfically hold together ethnic tensions. However, both countries violently imploded from decades of internal repression after Tito died in 1980 and Saddam was captured in 2003.


Saddam Hussein was born in 1937 into a very troubled household. His brother and father died shortly before birth, and his mother refused to see him after birth. Saddam grew up as a poor street kid and was raised mostly by his uncle. This uncle's bitterness against imperialism and Western society and culture was passed down to him. Saddam failed to finish high school, but instead got involved in the Ba'ath Socialist Party.

Marshal Tito, meanwhile, was born Josip Broz in 1892 to peasants in Austria-Hungary, and was the seventh child. He only had a few years of education and attended school from only age seven to twelve.

At age eighteen, Josip joined the Croatian Social Democratic Party. He enrolled in the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Army. Josip fought for Russia in the First World War against the Serbs, and for Lenin's Revolutionaries. After Communism took power, Josip eventually joined the Communist Red Guard to fight in the famous Russian Civil War in the year of 1917.

Thus, both Saddam Hussein and Marshal Tito were born into poor families. They both had a relatively poor education, lived through a rough childhood, and became very involved in military parties at a very young age. These were two people who probably did not feel the love of God in their life as they were growing up. They eventually let their anger build up, and ended up with a lot of unsolved bitterness. God does not want anybody...