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Personal response to text assignment

Lance Armstrong

Determination is the quality of being determined to do or achieve something, determination can push your body to its limits, and Armstrong was pushed to his limits. When you train yourself physically and mentally for one ultimate goal and you fall on your journey toward it, it's a huge feet to get back on that road toward that goal. Armstrong fell and the world was shocked, how could the greatest athlete in the history of mankind fall, but like Armstrong said "We all fall" but what separated Lance from the rest of the pack was he would get up and move forward. "After the fall, I had a big, big rush of adrenaline," Armstrong said. He said he then told himself, "Lance if you want to win the Tour de France, do it today."

Through my own personal experience I can relate to Armstrong's pain and agony about six years ago I was told I would never play hockey again because of a neck injury that occurred during a tryout for a team, I told them I would play again but they told me the opposite.

"Giving up was never an option" Armstrong said, and I never gave up even after tests and doctors saying it would never happen I held my head up high and challenged the odds. Odds are usually against you in life, but if you don't challenge them where would we be. I trained my body physically to learn to skate again, through pain and suffering I became a person I never thought I could become. The game of hockey isn't just a game, its life; it tested me physically, mentally and morally.

Everyday I would struggle to get my frail body up, when my body kept saying...