Describe the constitutional crisis of 1975, and the fall of the Witlam government.

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On Tuesday November 11th, 1975, an event known as the constitutional crisis took place, where the Governor-General of Australia, Sir John Kerr, dismissed Mr. Gough Whitlam as Prime Minister and appointed Mr. Malcolm Fraser as Prime Minister. This dismissal was the most dramatic event in Australian federation history. As For the first time ever, an unelected representative had removed from office a government which had commanded a majority in the House of Representatives. This act changed the face of Australian politics altogether.

There were a few important events and catalysts that sparked the Whitlam dismissal. Such as, the economic crisis, and that of stagflation. Certain Policy weakness and failures. and the actions of the opposition government, which used the senate to block legislation. The constitutional crisis began on October 14, when Rex Connor, the minerals and energy minister resigned, after misleading parliament; he was replaced with Paul Keating.

On the 15, the Opposition under Fraser announces its intention to delay two more of the government's Supply bills in the Senate until the government under Whitlam agreed to call an election. On the 16 of October the senate blocked supply of the money bills, which meant that the labor administration rapidly began to run out of funds that it would need for the operation of government. the House of Representatives had to pass a motion of no confidence. During October 16 and November 8; The Governor-General, Sir John Kerr, spoke with both Whitlam and Fraser on many occasions, with both sides of politics conducting rallies around the country. Resulting in The Public opinion polls show a swing to the government. With each new development and turn of the constitutional crisis The Parliament would debate. By November there was no result in site, the rallies and campaigns increased both...