"The Defintion of Odysseus"

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Through the years, there have been many heroes in the world of reality and the world of fiction. The Greeks philosopher and author Homer once wrote about a hero named Odysseus, who fought in the Trojan War and then went on a long and difficult journey to his home, Ithaca in an epic poem called The Odyssey. Odysseus is only one of literatures heroes, one of millions. Although all heroes are different, each posses some common qualities, the qualities that define heroism. "For despite their many differences, heroes share some enduring qualities of character. Those qualities, in fact define heroism" says T.A Barron a critic and author who wrote about the meaning of heroism. Theses said qualities are courage, faith, hope, humor, perseverance, adaptability, and morals. Of these traits Odysseus posses' faith perseverance and morals.

Odysseus and his men think they are in an incredibly favorable position.

He and his men have landed on a lush island and for days they have been feasting upon the sweet wine and large goats they have been provided. However, they then find themselves in a fix. They have been captured by the Cyclopes, Polyphemus. In spite of this, he did not lose all hope and give up as some might have. Instead, he and his men "cried aloud lifting [their] hands up to Zeus, powerless" Now, the Gods don't exactly love Odysseus, in fact most of the gods hate him, and do whatever they can to make his trip home, deplorable. However, Odysseus and his men still cry out to Zeus. Another example of faith in a God is when Odysseus is given directions by Circes as far as what to do next. Even though he is detested by the Gods, he...