The Declaration of Independence.

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The Events, the Time, the History Behind the

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence has been called the most important document in modern history. It has also been called the "birth certificate of America" (Kullen, 1996) Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration in a brick-layered house in Philadelphia about two hundred years ago (Fradin, 2002). This document told the British King that we wanted to form our own nation. Some leaders in the State House condemned the Declaration as a rash and dangerous proposition. Many men stood behind it and signed it at the risk of their lives. The Declaration of Independence inspired many during the American Revolution. It was probably because the events, the history, the time before were a time of suffering and many unacceptable actions from Britain.

Many events had occurred prior to the formation of the Declaration of Independence. If the events hadn't occurred, I believe that the Declaration of Independence wouldn't have such a strong significance to it.

It all started when the British first fought for land and kicked the French out of North America (Gipson, 1954). This did this by having a war with them, which was called the French and Indian War (Gipson, 1954). They thought that taking over the French land would be the last struggle that they would have to face. What they did not know was that if they would treat their own people with the same manner, they would get the same result: War.

The French and Indian War was a war that lasted seven years between Great Britain and France for control over the land in North America (Gipson, 1954). The British wanted to expand their land and move into the land claimed by the French. The war actually began on July 3, 1754. This important war...