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Statutes Regarding Death Investigations and the Determination of Cause & Manner of Death in Texas

A. Investigative Tools and Equipment

B. Arriving at the Scene

C. Documenting and Arriving at the Scene

D. Documenting and Evaluating the Body

E. Establishing and Recording Decadent Profile Information

F. Completing the Scene Information

A. Investigative Tools and Equipment

1. Gloves (Universal Precautions).

2. Writing implements (pens, pencils, markers).

3. Body bags.

4. Communication equipment (cell phone, pager, radio).

5. Flashlight.

6. Body ID tags.

7. Camera--35mm (with extra batteries, film, etc.).

8. Investigative notebook (for scene notes, etc.).

9. Measurement instruments (tape measure, ruler, rolling measuring tape, etc.).

10. Official identification (for yourself).

11. Watch.

12. Paper bags (for hands, feet, etc.).

13. Specimen containers (for evidence items and toxicology specimens).

14. Disinfectant (Universal Precautions).

15. Departmental scene forms.

16. Camera--Polaroid (with extra film).

17. Blood collection tubes (syringes and needles).

18. Inventory lists (clothes, drugs, etc.).

19. Paper envelopes.

20. Clean white linen sheet (stored in plastic bag).

21. Evidence tape.

22. Business cards/office cards w/phone numbers.

23. Foul-weather gear (raincoat, umbrella, etc.).

24. Medical equipment kit (scissors, forceps, tweezers, exposure suit, scalpel handle, blades, disposable syringe, large gauge needles, cotton-tipped swabs, etc.).

25. Phone listing (important phone numbers).

26. Tape or rubber bands.

27. Disposable (paper) jumpsuits, hair covers, face shield, etc.

28. Evidence seal (use with body bags/locks).

29. Pocketknife.

30. Shoe-covers.

31. Trace evidence kit (tape, etc.).

32. Waterless hand wash.

33. Thermometer.

34. Crime scene tape.

35. First aid kit.

36. Latent print kit.

37. Local maps.

38. Plastic trash bags.

39. Gunshot residue analysis kits (SEM/EDS).

40. Photo placards (signage to ID case in photo).

41. Boots (for wet conditions, construction sites, etc.).

42. Hand lens (magnifying glass).

43. Portable electric area...