The Deadly, Safety Device; The Air Bag.

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Air bags are a rather modern invention and may be one of the most controversial inventions of our time (Doebler 97). The air bag was first grasped by a man named John W. Hetrick, living in Newport, Rhode Island. His idea came about in 1952 after he was involved in an accident. Hetrick was inspired by the way his arm being put out in front of his daughter was a benefit to her safety, and he, having no restraint was thrown into the dashboard. Hetrick then created the air bag, a brilliant idea. Having insufficient funds to create the air bag, he sent his idea to every motor company of the time. None of them funded his idea and although they ran private tests, the air bag would not be brought to the public until Hetrick was deceased.

In 1966 the National Traffic and Motor Act was a histrionic attempt by the Government to insure the safety of car passengers.

It allowed the Government to keep all automotive dealers under a vigilant watch. Because of this, the air bag would be brought to the attention of congress in 1969. Which was after the Motor Vehicles Act of 1966, stating that all passengers must wear a seat belt. These events brought a new awareness of safety to California which took dramatic effects in the 1970s. Because of this wave of safety installation of air bags began to be enforced by the Government.

The air bag consists of two extremely important parts, the sensors and the bag. The sensors are installed beneath the hood and detect if the car is decelerating at an intense speed. This, in turn, triggers an electrical signal, which then causes a chemical reaction in the inflator module. This is stored at the end of the bag, and...