Dating in the workplace.

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An issue that has been escalating in severity in the world is dating in the workplace. More and more co-workers are starting to extend their relationships past a professional level and go onto an intimate basis. This issue is considered a problem that needs to be resolved because mixing one's personal life with their life at work could play a role in lower performance and could cause an uncomfortable environment for other workers. Although this can cause a loss in productivity, an employer forbidding workplace romance could be accused of invading his employees' privacy and trying to dictate their social life as well as their life in the workplace, but if a relationship is allowed to endure freely in the workplace, it could have disastrous effects.


An employer must first decide to what extent he or she will allow the relationship to take place during the workday. This must be enforced in any way possible, probably through job design, or an agreement between all involved parties, including the manager.

An issue as large and common as workplace dating forces an employer to take a proactive approach and set a standard and set of rules to be followed in every occurrence, whereas occurrences are becoming more common everyday .

Although any relationship can affect an employees performance at work, like the more common out-of-the-workplace romance, it is important for every company to make sure they put a policy in place. A survey has shown that 94 percent of all workplace romantics have a partner in the same building they work in, and 34 percent say their workplace sweetheart is employed at the same office or in an adjoining office.

Job Design:

If two people in one office are known to be romantically linked, a manager might want...