Dangers of tanning booths.

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In America there is an obsession with being good looking, and currently, tan skin is in. These days tanning salons are as easy to find as a Mc Donald's drive thru. They are affordable and provide quick results. Sure you will look great, but what is the price to pay in the long run. If you are

part of the ever-growing crowd of indoor tanners, you could be faced with

serious health risks in the future. For years I have been paying close

attention to the dangers of tanning booths. I continue to nag my friends

that they should definitely reduce their time lying in a tanning bed,

because of the negative health effects. However, they keep

going back. If you regularly attend tanning salons you should stop

immediately because they can do some serious damage to you. I am going to

discuss the dangers of tanning booths, and clear up some myths.


this is your health and well being we are talking about.

First, let me discuss some myths about indoor tanning. Myth #1: Tanning booths are no more dangerous than being in the sun. This is false. The so-called safe tanning lamps emit two to three times the amount of UVA rays that reaches the earth outdoors, claims Dr. Vincent De Leo, in the Doctor's Guide article entitled Tanning Beds: Hotbed of Controversy in 1997. Also in a 1996 book, entitled: Multiple Melanoma author Gary Durie adds that the average fifteen to thirty minute visit to a tanning booth is as harmful to your skin as an entire day at the beach. Myth # 2: It is okay to tan because it helps various skin problems such as acne. This is false. Light therapies are used only by trained physicians to treat psoriasis and eczema. The light...