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One of Cyrano's most important speeches came at one of the most crucial moments of his life. With the bit of life still possessed by the ill Cyrano, he delivered his speech, right before he passed away before Roxane's and the other people at the chapel's eyes'. During the speech, there were several things that stuck out that made the speech as important as it truly was.

The main idea of the speech was that Cyrano's whole life has just been helping out others- being all he can be just to see somebody else get credit. The only satisfaction that he could possibly sustain was that of knowing that the people that enjoyed the finished project didn't in fact appreciate the person they thought, but rather Cyrano. This was probably started by his little fear of confronting Roxane, as it was his belief that she would maker impression on him by his appearance and not by his charisma, bravery or writing.

Cyrano mentioned the Christian situation as just one of the examples of how his life was forgotten, but what he gave to other people were recognized to only the recipients. He said "While I remained below, in the shadows, others have climbed up to receive the kiss of glory," when describing the night at the balcony where it was Cyrano's words that resulted in a kiss given to an undeserving Christian, while Cyrano could only stand and watch the only girl he ever loved kissed a man that got all the credit for Cyrano's work.

As you can see, Cyrano lived, in a way, a secret life, in which he was overlooked and first-impressioned far too often by people that didn't take the time to meet the real Cyrano, who was as witty and brave as they come. While the great skills he possessed weren't exactly put to waste, the regular person would have no idea that Cyrano expressed himself like this or came up with the idea of that. His speech certainly delivered that message to everyone that was at the chapel to listen, right before he passed away.