Cyrano de Bergerac Character Bios

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Roxane- Roxane was a beautiful women loved by several men in the story. Among them were the ugly, but witty Cyrano, the handsome, but bland Christian, and the sneaky, evil de Guiche. But Roxane thought that she only loved Christian- first for his looks and later for his writing. But years after Christian died, she finds out the letters were made by Cyrano, thus it was Cyrano she truly loved. But even behind her beauty, she has some brains as well. She was able to trick the capuchin into making him help her and Christian get married.

Cyrano- Cyrano, an ugly man that possessed only the beauty of writing, was the protagonist of the story. He, like several others, was in love with Roxane. But he opted to hide it by striking a deal with Christian so he could write love letters to Roxane, but under Christian's name.

As odd as it was, Cyrano found happiness out of having somebody else take credit for his work. And if his words weren't enough to boast about, his swords with a skill were beyond masterful. One instance of this is when he dueled Valvert at the theatre. While reciting a poem, Cyrano drew blood from Valvert, just as he said he would in the poem.

Christian- Christian was a handsome man, but didn't have the wordplay to win over women. While Roxane did have a taste of his poor word selection, Christian, with help from Cyrano, won over Roxane with many letters. Christian won the heart of Roxane when he married her, but things turned sour quickly after. De Guiche, who was a colonel of the French Army, ordered that Christian's regiment go to war. While in Arras, Christian died in battle, and having the unfortunate...