Customer-Driven Quality

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The customer is the driving force behind the quality movement around the world. At one time quality and customer satisfaction seemed to be light years apart, but over the years, quality has turned those trends around allowing real customer satisfaction to occur. By adding quality to the manufacturing process the goal, customer satisfaction, is obtainable. Customer satisfaction is the reason companies are in business and profits are made when satisfied customers return and bring their friends with them. This paper will look at four (4) separate industries and compare the value of quality in relation to customer satisfaction. A matrix will be developed to compare of commonalities and differences of the four (4) industries. Quality is customer driven. By meeting or exceeding customer's expectations through quality a company will have returned sales.


We will look at four different industries explaining the value of quality in relationship to customer satisfaction.

By comparing the commonalities and differences in quality, we will see the effect quality has had on the results of their efforts. The four industries are:

1) Manufacturing

2) Service

3) Non-profit

4) Government

Each industry will briefly describe customer-driven quality and assess the importance of participatory management. By comparing the industries, we will see how similar quality is overall with customer satisfaction.

1. Manufacturing:

Total Quality Management (TQM), recognizes that the customer is the center of every activity. The customer may be external or internal. The key is to determine the gap between what the customer's needs are and what the system delivers. Once the gap is recognized, it would be systematically reduced and result in a never-ending improvement in customer satisfaction at every level.

As people, we are constantly trying to find the balance between costs and our own perception of quality on a daily basis. According...