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Culture is necessary for expatriate managers to know and understand also adapt to new environment contexts. Work Places out of home country are difficult to understand unless the managers have a background of knowledge and get use to it. Communication works as a gateway for managers to accessing host culture such as values, norms, belief and vice versa. This essay will shows the main point of culture that expatriate manager must know in order to successful in managing global people. Main point contains communication skills, negotiation and contract, ethic and religion and expectations. For the purpose of this essay culture can be defined as something that all member of country have to know and follow these beliefs. It is a form of thing that people have in their mind like religion, human behavior, norm, role perception and their unique custom (McCort, 1957).

Communication skills are the basic of every culture.

Language thus plays a very important role in having better understanding and communication between manger and subordinates. Host language make s employees and subordinates understand more clearly. Moreover, they are intimate with the order and feel closer to the manager. However, the culture differences lead to a problem in communication. For example, Low context Country like the United States prefer speak out to silent while in high context like Japan will respond without saying. This is the case that expatriate manager should realize and understand the nature of those cultures (Fatehi, 1996). Dealing with host people are significant to make the relationship with them, good relationship will bring the success to the organization by advising, motivating and leading. The relationships in cultures are not the same, high contexts Relationship with Japanese labors are strong and long. On the other hand, Low context like German, America and Swiss will have weak...