How was Cuba and China "lost" to communism?

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Communism is a political and economical system that was once one of the most powerful forces in the world. As late as 2004, only Cuba and China maintained a communist form of government. How were they lost to communism? Let's start with a brief history of communism.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, both economic philosophers, believed in communism. They believed that violent revolutions were sure to happen in the natural course of history. Marx wrote a book called the Communist Manifesto. They believed that socialism was an intermediate stage where some class differences remained and communism was a final stage of society where there were no class differences. Their ideology taught that people could live in harmony without God, and government would no longer be needed. This doctrine is in direct opposition to the Bible which teaches God made man with a void that can only be filled with His peace and only then can people live in harmony.

Without God, man rules with greed and violence.

The Chinese communist party was founded in Shanghai in 1921. Even 10 years before the party was formed, there were student uprisings concerning communism. The party was founded by two Beijing University Professors; Chen Duxin and Li Dazhao. One of Li's students was Mao Zedong. These people believed in communism and Marxism-Leninism. There became two parties trying to rule the country; the Communist Party of China and the Nationalist government of China. In 1923 the Communists and the Nationalists joined forces to beat the warlords. But the Nationalist turned on the Communists and when they got to Shanghai, and they decided to clear out the communists.

The Communists, including Mao, retreated to remote mountains. Here they decided to uphold the traditional Marxism. They recruited rural pheasants to attack the landed class. The communists...