The Crucible

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In Arthur Miller's play 'The Crucible', a character with the name of Reverend Hale was the only character who changed his beliefs during the story. Reverend Hale was brought in to Salem to take out the devil, and he came out that the whole devil thing was a fake.

In the first two acts of 'The Crucible' Reverend Hale came into Salem believing there was indeed witchcraft involved. It is known that Reverend Hale believed that because he signed many people to their deaths. Reverend Hale was also very uptight in the beginning against everyone who didn't believe that witchcraft was occurring. Mr. Hale wanted everyone to know that the devil was there in Salem and that only he could get it out. Reverend Hale also went to peoples houses, because he knew that their was the devil. For instance, he went to John Procter's house at the end of scene one beginning of scene two, that he wanted to talk to him about devil business.

When he denied everything and Reverend Hale asked Elizabeth Procter that if she believes in witches, and when she denied, Reverend Hale was amazed, but she denied because of Rebecca Nurse being involved with witchcraft. When that moment struck Reverend Hale he then had a gut feeling that there was about a fifty percent chance of witchcraft being played.

By the third act, when Mary Warren is in court testifying that the devil work was all pretense, Reverend Hale had a complete different viewpoint and was 100% sure there was no devil work done in Salem and is trying to convince Judge Danforth that it was all indeed fake and made up. Judge Danforth like all the other characters in the play all stay stagnant and don't change, doesn't change...