A Critique on Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey. It is a book review/report done for an English 10 class.

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Magic's Pawn a Magical Melodrama

Magic's Pawn by Mercedes Lackey is a book that pulls the reader into the novel and makes the reader continue to read. Magic's Pawn takes place in a land called Valdemar where things such as magic and mythical beasts exist. The author used various literary skills to lure the reader into the novel such as personification and similes. Overall the book was an overwhelming success because of the characters, storyline and narration style.

The characters in this story were well developed, realistic and contained emotions. Mercedes Lackey made it possible in this novel to role-play and imagine oneself in the novel and being the main character; a character that was very realistic was Tylendel, after his brother's death he went crazy and wasn't able to contain his emotions and started to find a way to get revenge. The characters were described thoroughly and all the characters were different in many ways to create an interesting setting without any of the characters being overly described.

The main characters, Vanyel, Sayvil, and Tylendel, were equally described and parts of their past was known to show how they became that way so the reader understands the reasons the characters did something.

The most important part of a novel, the storyline, was done in a way that effectively caught the reader and made him think about what's going to happen next in the novel. Mercedes Lackey decided that the story that she had written was too long and complex to fit into one book so she decided to make this story into a trilogy: The Last Herald-Mage. In the first novel the story consists of how Vanyel became a Herald-Mage and the events leading up to him defeating the Blood-Adept Krebain. The storyline follows the same style that is...