Critique of Hatred Talks about how hate is either inborn or learned. Through life experiences or unknown forces hatred it present in everyone.

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Critique of Hatred

Hatred can be something that is either inborn or learned. There are many determining factors but people are plagued by the idea that a young child can show anger even when no anger is presented to them beforehand. Maybe there is something deep within us all that causes hatred to be close enough to the surface of our being that it can be conjured up at any time. Hatred for another group or person causes domination and submission in many forms; examples of this have been eminent throughout history. Just as different forms of psychology have tried to discover what hatred really is. Social Psychology would probably say that hatred is something that is learned from the group in which, people are born into. Developmental Psychology would try to prove that hatred is something that you are born with, without peer influence. No matter what form of psychology takes the stand they still do not know what or how hatred is developed.

Hatred is as old as time. There have always been wars, conflicts, and tension throughout the world and throughout history. Even in times of peace there is always some kind of tension or hatred for another group or race. For someone who never knew anything but their own kind can still have hatred for another group that is unlike their own even though they have never been in contact with that other group. Why is that? It may be something that they experienced through other people because of stories they heard. Or it could be they learned it from parents, peers, or another outside influence.

Outside influence, that could be anyone a person comes in contact with, even newspapers, or television. Developmental Psychology can categorize the stages of development in a person's life. There are...