A critical analysis on Georgia Me's poem "Full figure potential"

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Georgia Me greets the crowd with the statement full figure potential. She goes on to tell everyone that her desire to eat overcomes her and once the food is in her stomach, she feels disgusting and embarrassed to be overweight. Georgia brings out a good point that in today's society, that it is a sin to be fat, if there is no medical condition. So fat women look for some type of excuse to mask their gluttony. The constant looks and remarks from people, and realizing that she has no self control has left 'permanent scars' on her esteem.

Georgia's tone changes when she states that people cannot see the beautiful angel before them, beyond the fat. She is caring, giving, and welcomes everyone into her heart.

She preaches on stage that it is time for everyone to love themselves, and to be the best you can be. That way, the whole world will have no other choice but to see your inner beauty and strength.

She makes a great point that others cannot hurt you if you love yourself. Out of all of the Def Poets, I think Georgia Me was the most inspirational and touching.