Critical analysis on an artical critisizing kid's appearence int he workplace

Essay by dickieschickie January 2005

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In my opinion, some of the arguments in this article are completely bogus. From the outlook on younger people, it is obvious the writer is a conservative old timer. They seem to have the outlook that all kids have no idea what they are doing these days, and are better off not attempting to enter the professional work force at all.

The author's purpose of writing this column is to express to young and old alike that younger adults simply don't know 'what is ok.' It seems to the writer that this crowd is in dire need of a fashion intervention. For example, many companies are coming into conjunction with clothing stores to help improve the status of dress code at work. It works out for each side, the stores receive business and the companies have better dressed employees.

The author goes on to list some instances of extreme alienation of the dress code in the work place.

One woman showed up to a job interview at a doctor's office without the proper undergarments, which was evident by her extremely unladylike posture.

Overall, the paper presents a good point, but I don't agree with some it's arguments.