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This essay will be about the forcible rape rates in two metropolitan areas of the United States of America. The information contained within will come from the highly recognized and respected information within the law enforcement community, the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program was begun by the FBI in 1930 to monitor the nature and type of crime in the Nation (Crime in the United States, 2006). The two metropolitan areas compared are Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Roseville, CA and San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA. I will identify the number of occurrences of forcible rape crime known to the police for each area and I will be answering the following questions:1. Which area had more reports of forcible rape?2. What are the forcible rape rates for both areas?3. Did the forcible rape rates change over time in either area?4. What factors might explain the differences in forcible rape rates?For the year 2006 the following metropolitan areas reported crime of forcible rape, City of Sacramento had 196, City of Roseville had 24, City of Folsom had 11, and the City of Woodland had 15.

As for the second metropolitan area includes the City of San Diego which had 348, City of Carlsbad had 11, City of San Marcos had 19, City of National City had 9 (Crime in the United States, 2006).

The areas with the most reports of forcible rape were San Diego. With a population of 1,266,847 only 777 are actually reporting forcible rape crimes. The City of Carlsbad had a population of 91,590 only 11 were reported, the City of San Marcos population of 74,149 only 19 was reported, and the City of National City population of 61,972 only 9 were reported. Out of every 100,000 inhabitants in...