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The night had been dark as it was but once they arrived at the carnival it seemed as if it got darker by the minute. The advertisements had seemed like the atmosphere was a happy one, there were children laughing and smiling people everywhere. Now though, the area that had appeared teeming with people was desolate at best. All the night was missing was a slow falling rain to complete the scary night persona. As they walked through the waning light of day, each booth they approached seemed to be closing as they got closer. That was, until they came to the House of Horrors.

As follows the code of any stereotypical House of Horrors, the outside of the building was draped in darkness and had the "run down" effect given to it to make it look just a little off. She wasn't impressed though. It seemed just like any other creep show, from any other carnival in any other random suburbia throughout the rest of the world.

Most of all she wasn't scared, there was too much else on her mind. Too many other things of the natural to befuddle her senses to let the supernatural take a whack at her high strung emotions.

As is always the case in life she found herself faced with a choice. Not knowing what to do, she had decided to follow the crowd to the very place she stood to get her mind off things. Having finally arrived here though, she found that being in the creep show atmosphere did very little to help. In fact, having a lack of interest only increased her thought process.

But, they were approaching the door and she needed to hand her ticket to the man at the entrance. She took it from her...