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The building of an effective and productive team is the key to any project. Theparamount way to build an effective team is to match the skills of the people assigned tothe project to the required tasks, being mindful of each one's qualifications. Poorchoices made in matching of individuals to tasks may have a devastating effect on theproject as a whole. If the proper matching takes place, the team will be motivated to worktogether. They will be able to share ideas, communicate effectively and be a morecohesive team with a single goal in mind.

The team was chosen being mindful of the skills that each individual was able to bringto the team. The team for the Luxurion Auto Project was assembled as follows:1.)Marcel was assigned as the linker-producer. Marcel has been identified assomeone who is able to identify and deliver on goals and objectives. He is said tobe adaptable in any given situation.

2.)Janice was assigned as the promoter-maintainer. Janice is someone that possessesthe unique skill of being a natural at networking; a skill that is the foundation ofbeing a good promoter. Additionally, she has a background in public relationswhich may serve her well in this position.

3.)John was assigned the position of assessor-advisor. His fifteen years ofexperience in management and development in the automotive industry allowshim insight into what can realistically be accomplished on the technical end.

4.)Amita was assigned as the creator. Amita is an experienced designer. She hasreceived plaudits in Europe and Asia thus allowing her to be able to bring a globaldesign knowledge to the table.

5.)Petra was assigned as the controller-organizer. She has demonstrated leadershipabilities and is a strong communicator. A good organizer must possess strongcommunication as well as proven leadership skills, both of which Petra hasdemonstrated.

Many factors should be considered when assembling an...