The cost of wars such as war with Iraq.

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Prior to September 11, 2001 the line delineating national defense expenditures and other expenditures in the federal budget was reasonably clear. And civil expenditures that became defense expenditures in time of war or national emergency were well understood. For example, the Coast Guard, as a peacetime component of the Department of Transportation, came under Navy direction, while the National Guard, nominally under command of state governors, was federalized.

Plans were also in place to make available private sector maritime assets for national security as needed. (1)On the other hand, not considered a defense expenditure was airport security (2),security for public utilities such as power plants, including nuclear, water supply sources, communications and transportation infrastructure, including seaport security, security for public buildings and monuments, and other likely, high visibility federal, state and local terrorist targets.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and other senior administration officials yesterday lobbied Congress to quickly appropriate $75 billion to fund the U.S.

war effort in Iraq, but came under fire for their demand for unusual flexibility in how to spend the money.

Speaking before congressional committees, Rumsfeld and aides warned of a more perilous war ahead as U.S. forces storm Baghdad, and pleaded with lawmakers to quickly provide President Bush the resources and leeway he requested. Rumsfeld said nearly half of the $62.6 billion Bush requested for the Pentagon has been spent or committed to the conflict.

For the cost of one day of war waged against Iraq, the United States could significantly impact treatment for the 40 million people worldwide living with HIV, argues Allan Rosenfield. Funding could also benefit the reproductive health and rights of the 600,000 women who die each year of pregnancy related deaths--95 percent of which are preventable.