Controversial role models.

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Controversial role models are a negative influence on youth today. Role models such as Necro, Big L and Eminem speak of violence, drugs and they use profane language in their music. Many teenagers look up to these people and want be like them. Artists in positions of power must take their jobs seriously because they are incredibly influential. Their art should not depict so much negative and violent behavior.

One of the most negative and controversial youth role models today is Necro. He has not produced one song that is positive. The first album that he released was called," I Need Drugs .'' He also displays a drug addict persona on the cover of the record. The second album that Necro produced was called "Gory Days." This album was similar to the first in which he raps about death, drugs, and very gory situations. Necro produced a single called," Morbid B/W empty the clip."

The picture depicts Necro holding a machete while wearing a very bizarre shirt. Necro also has three others CDs out right now including, "Rare Demos" and freestyles Vol 1, 2, and 3. On vol 2 there is a picture of Necro wearing a Charles Manson T shirt. The message on the shirt is "Charlie Saves." He also has another T-shirt that says, " Manson," the most famous mass murderer in history and he is also holding a handgun. On Vol 3 the cover depicts a cartoon of Necro as a doctor. He is pulling a tape out of the stomach of a girl on an operating table. Another album portrays piano keys that are knives and shows a bloody hand playing them. Necro is clearly one of the most negative role model today. He glories in death, drugs and violence. This is...