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Researching a number of IT opportunities revealed that the needed changes and opportunities are in the communications, network and security solution opportunities. Therefore, our choice for a consulting firm would benefit having services that directly help potential clients connect and communicate with their business contacts. Furthermore, these connections need to expand their network to all locations, equipment, and facility devices with a focus on the mobile connectivity solutions.

It is the consensus of the team that we hold the proper skills, work background with years of experience, and education necessary to create TC IT Consulting, modeling the company along the lines of Techfluent (2007), which was outlined in the Week Two assignment. Techfluent's IT consultants provide a variety of IT service solutions, specializing in network communication consulting. Services will include: Remote and Onsite Support, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, Managed Network Hosting, Network Security, and handling all technology needs for businesses too small to benefit by having their own IT personnel.

Along with these services, we would also like to offer small businesses website development, and hosting services as well as 24x7 remote network monitoring services via HP Open View. All four members of the team feel that these are specialty services that we could provide, and each of us has sufficient skills to master.

Along with knowing what services we will offer, we have also taken a look at what problems IT consulting businesses may face. E-business technology consulting in areas like web design, database integration, and many other topics are still great areas of IT consulting but they are not leading technologies needed by businesses as a new trend. According to Michael Balsam, vice president of products and services for Seattle-based Onvia Inc., the IT and telecommunications industry is the fastest growing industry and is growing at a...